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In light of the major economic boom experienced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the idea of establishing Al Qimma Equipment Factory, the pioneer in metal formation and decoration and the largest in manufacturing the machines and moulds of concrete blocks in the Middle East and North Africa, was originated.

Al Qimma Equipment Factory was founded in 2000 on bases and standards of excellence in international quality systems and modern technology of heavy industries with the best global efficiencies and expertise, and the latest industrial machinery operated by computerized digital control systems.

In light of the increasing growth witnessed by our local markets and expanding the scope of demand, we always sought to confirm and consolidate our values that gave us the confidence of our clients who occupy the first position of our priorities.

We were distinguished by our association with major national companies working in the infrastructure construction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially the Two Holy Mosques, and we were honored to provide works of decoration and metal formation in the new extensions.

In Keeping with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, we have modernized, developed and produced high value products to contribute to building the country’s infrastructure so that we can grow our country to keep abreast of the global civilization.


Providing the best products and the best services to our clients through the provision of the before and after – sales services at the level that always secures achieving the best levels of quality to our clients.


Quality, Production, Development, Giving and Training


Quality, Production, Development, Giving and Training


For more than a decade worked to recruit technology at the hands of experts and qualified engineers to manufacture construction equipment and we started manufacturing molds and machinery of cement block. In the manufacturing process, we have adopted the international quality standards which qualified Al Qimma Equipment Factory to top the list of the factories producing machinery and molds of concrete block in the Middle East and North Africa in this area.

In addition, our previous experience qualified us for excellence in the works of metal formation and participating, with many great companies and factories, in the implementation of the largest infrastructure projects.


The certification our clients during the period of our work in this area has made us more determined to be the best, and with the renewable desire for development and maintaining quality, Al Qimma Equipment Factory has been awarded ISO Certificate in industrial quality and safety, satisfying our clients by providing products that meet your needs, and we promise that we will always be at the top.


And we move forward in the development of partnerships in regional and international oceans, to take exclusive agency for Qunfeng Intelligent Machinery Co. LTD, one of the largest regional and international companies specialized in manufacturing heavy machinery manufacturing, The Main Aim for this collaboration with Qunfeng Co. is to add value in Real Modern Industrial Component for machine, produce Cement Block and Cement Mixer Plant, which contributes directly on infrastructure Development of Saudi Arabia.

AL Qimma Equipment Factory is the general agent in Saudi Arabia for Tamsan Turkish company specialized in the manufacture of Pneumocompressors Tamsan regarded as one of the largest factories producing compressors and pneumatic internationally renowned quality products.


Our participation in many specialized Saudi and international exhibitions has attracted a great number of specialists, people and interested parties


BIG 5 November 2015
World Trade Centre

MTE May 2015
Dhahran International
Exhibitions Centre
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Shaban, 1436 MTE

Jeddah Centre for
Forums & Events
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Muharram, 1436 SAUDI BUILD