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Al Qimma Equipment Factory was founded in 2000 on bases and standards of excellence in international quality systems and modern technology of heavy industries with the best global efficiencies and expertise, and the latest industrial machinery operated by computerized digital control systems.

In light of the increasing growth witnessed by our local markets and expanding the scope of demand, we always sought to confirm and consolidate our values that gave us the confidence of our clients who occupy the first position of our priorities.

We were distinguished by our association with major national companies working in the infrastructure construction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially the Two Holy Mosques, and we were honored to provide works of decoration and metal formation in the new extensions.

In Keeping with the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, we have modernized, developed and produced high value products to contribute to building the country’s infrastructure so that we can grow our country to keep abreast of the global civilization.

Upgrading the national industry to the ranks of global industries and enrich our local and regional markets.

Providing the best products and the best services to our clients through the provision of the before and after – sales services at the level

Our Values
Development, Efficiency, Integrity, Quality, and Community Service.