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Chairman of Board of Directors ‘s speech
If you find at your fingertips a national product that competes with another European with a global reputation at a price of almost half, you do not need to pay your owner while you can, from this smart base, start Al Qimma equipment factory to its customers. The products from the factory? We have seen from the first clear, that the national capital to seek, in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the movement of architectural continuity, we say that we should strive to contribute effectively in the reconstruction and prosperity, and therefore came the idea of ​​work in the industry Block production machinery and its auxiliary activities, already have more than 15 years Of the national experience in the manufacture of block production machines with advanced technology, which we chose to have the trade name Al Qimma 913, it was not coincidental, but we intended to be associated with our product to be under the eyes of our employees always in a way that restores our goals as a modern factory, For the industry) is a hard but enjoyable route to Al Qimma.

And then we went to smart partnerships with regional companies serving our specialization in the general framework, where the products of these partnerships are the activities of the assistance to the block factories, which acts as its main suppliers, the agency of the Turkish company TAMSAN for air controls,was one of the largest manufacturers of air controls in the region, and then the Chinese agency of QUNFENG for Heavy Equipment that mainly produces stationary block making machine, concrete mixing plants, etc. Here we should point out that it is very important that our vision was clear in these partnerships, namely, that we should not add to our journey except the name of adding to our structure.

Finally, we are pleased to point out proudly that the Al Qimma equipment factory is one of the most important factories operating in the manufacturing and heavy equipment industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and this is what makes us put our hands on our hearts of the great responsibility ,but We do not expect to offer the time, money and effort to continue Our pride in our national industry.

Mr.Abd ELrahman Hussien Sherif,