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Production of concrete blocks

All types and dimensions of the block: concrete, volcanic, super volcanic (20, 15, 10 or 5) insulated of all types and sizes, various types of rockers, hardened with various sizes, reinforced and any other shape we can design for you.

Top Block Features: Strength & Durability – Light Weight – Heat Insulation – Dimensions Stability


Light weight while maintaining the strength and durability leads to the reduction of weights on the building The structural materials manufactured in the top factory for light cement products and the buffer of high light weight, which directly reduces the weight on the building and contribute to reduce the loads on the roofs if the distances between columns large and accelerate Of the construction process as its light weight and ideal help workers to build faster and our tests showed that our products were able to reach high compression ratio and high refractive resistance up to 4MPA   content/uploads/2018/02/Side-images-copy-7.png

Stability of dimensions

The accuracy of the dimensions and dimensions of the block, due to the accuracy of the sizes of the templates used with the top machine 913

Heat insulation:

Where our product contributes to reducing the heat conductivity from outside the building to a large extent. Tests conducted by a laboratory showed that the thermal conductivity of our materials is only 0.699 K (W / mk), which is very low in thermal conductivity. (If the rest of the building is installed roofs, columns and walls of the same material used – up to the highest isolation rate of the building

Use of washed sand:

It is a sand treated in a complex scientific way to extract mud from the sand. This directly leads to high resistance to breakage and cracks, as well as high resistance to salts and moisture, making it a great choice for use in the ground such as reservoirs, wells and others.

Use of buzlan

The use of buzlan as a feedstock in saline-resistant bosalan cement reduces corrosion in buildings and increases the estimated useful life of facilities


We have more than 500 kinds of block and block molds and can execute any designs as per your desire

Production of washed sand

Our sand washing technology has proven over 15 years and thousands of global facilities to help our customers increase the quality and value of their sand products, washed for a variety of applications in the construction, mining and industrial sand sectors.

As sand is an essential element in the various construction processes, the most important of which is concrete blocks and concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to use sand free of any undesirable components because it affects the properties of sand in varying proportions such as salts, silt and impurities. We use advanced German techniques to achieve high washing ratios.


The idea of ​​sand washing is simply the process of separating the sand grains from salts, silt and other impurities to obtain a high concentration of element silicon component in the sand in order to obtain sand with the characteristics of the ideal function is high resistance to pressure if we know that the function of cement based on the characteristics of the interface, It becomes clear that the cement paste, cement after its interaction with water, is responsible for getting a cohesive concrete mix for successful work

Features and benefits of using washed sand

Professionally: perfect cohesion for mixing, high resistance to pressure, salt resistance and corrosion

Economically: Providing financial costs by providing direct cement and reducing the value of subsequent maintenance and high commercial value of the finished product in the market

Sand and gravel. Crushing of stones. Dust Crusher. Iron ore. Other materials
This in turn leads to high quality production, giving the product the highest commercial value possible in the market

For concrete mix or concrete mix, ideally, the mix of the concrete mixture should be guaranteed from any material that is present in the concrete mix. The mixture should be fine. Good gradient of the sand grains should be obtained to avoid the problem of weak sand resistance to work pressure, cracks, cracking and other problems. Which result from it

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