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Molds of Cement Block Machine

By employing qualified technical cadres, Al-Qimma Equipment Factory managed to form qualified technical teams using advanced engineering and scientific methods and designs by using computer software developed to accomplish the works of welding, turnings and collecting by using collecting molds to produce products with accurate sizes, with the provision of the latest equipment and excellent industrial climate that made us ready always to find all the solutions in this area, we offer more than three hundred design for molds with all sizes, we also implement your new designs through a specialized division occupied by a group of distinguished experts to provide you with high quality products made from carefully selected raw materials to make them more sustainable and more resilient to corrosion agents.

Mobile Block Machine

Bearing in mind the quality and efficiency, we have produced the best machine that produces the finest mobile block (Al-Qimma 913), with its renewable versions; it is considered the finest block machine industrialized in the Middle East, including the potentials that meet the needs of manufacturers of concrete block.

Technical Specifications of the Machine:

Machine produces all sizes of concrete block with the maximum height (300 mm) and the minimum height (175 mm). Production Capacity: approximate rate of 1200 block and reaches 2500 block per hour according to the size of the block and mold.