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Concrete Block Production Lines

AAC Block are made of flyash (limeslag or sand) as main raw material,cement and lime as cementing materials,and aluminum powder as foaming agent. The main forming procedures are Material crushing,measuring,mixing,pouring,curing,cutting and steaming. As a new wall body material with the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation,energy saving,waste recycling, environmental protection and convenience etc, AAC Light-weight block is now emphatically promoted by the world.

The AAC Blocks are the new type building material with the features of light, heat retaining and insulated which use the Siliceous (like flyash) and Calcareous materials (like cement and lime) as the main raw material, formed after batching, pouring, cutting and steaming. This block has the history of producing and application over 60 years; it is one of the sophisticated and new-type building materials both in the producing technology and the application, because of the good performance of light, heat retaining, and it is complementary to the common concrete blocks, so it has been widely used in the non-bearing wall in industrial construction and the civil building.


The AAC Blocks are made of flyash and some limeslag as main raw materials, this will has the positive significance in protect the environment and saving land recourse. And the coefficient of heat conductivity of the AAC Blocks is just about 1/4~1/5 of the clays bricks’, and it has the good performance of heat retaining and insulated and it is the building materials for Green energy-saving and it is also in conformation with China’s strategy of sustainable development.

Metal Fabrication

Al Qimma Equipment Factory was accustomed to recruit the latest machines for metal decoration and formation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is working on a computerized digital control system CNC, in addition to providing all the solutions that can be relied upon in the implementation of projects in order to save time and cost , and reduce waste in raw materials, to meet all the desires of our clients through several shearing sections (laser, water and plasma cutting and all types of welding, turning and blacksmithing works).

Tamsan Compressors

Tamsan Compressor which has started 35 years before today full of success. The progress of Tamsan Compressor with certain steps which break grounds at its sector does not compensate from quality and service on production process and this an indicator of standing tall.Tamsan serves its customers on 67 different alternatives starting from 250 lt/mn,8 bar pressure 200 lt capacity over depot reciprocating types to bigger models which can produce 43 m3 /mn, 13 bar pressure .Although at hard conditions our models never let your institution to be airless, our models continues to provide clean and uninterrupted air and change its performance according to the need of the company.We use ourown brand ScrewBlocks which we manufacture since 2009 for 11 different types of compressors ranging from 1,9 m3/mn to 12 m3/mn which is accepted as the heart of a compressor.Our target is to export more and to reach more and qualified production with new Technologies.


Sand Washing

Our sand washing technology has been proven over 15 years and thousands of global installations to help our customers maximise the quality and value of their washed sand products for a variety of applications in the construction, mining and industrial sands sectors.

Maintenance and After Sales Services

Secured Service helps to reduce the chances of recurrence of the problems dramatically, in order to increase the times of operation of the equipment and provide long-term cost. To our great after-sales service and because of seeking excellence, we formed qualified teams to carry out all types of maintenance with respect to block machines and molds, both internal and external maintenance in order to ensure to our clients that we will restore the products to their earliest. Moreover, we offer all types of maintenance such as protective maintenance, operational maintenance , maintenance rehabilitation, corrective maintenance and ambulatory maintenance.